Lax Van Rental means more space for your traveling needs.

With Lax Van Rentals in California, traveling together becomes easy and comfortable.  If you love traveling in large groups or have excessive baggage, considering 15 passenger vans is a fair deal. Hiring 15 passenger vans ensure plenty of leg space for everyone and enough room for everyone’s baggage. Whether riding with your friends or going camping with the family, California Van Rentals provides all kinds of transportation tasks.

Benefits of Using a 15-passenger van

For those who are wondering whether to rent a van or not, will it be better than renting a bus? Traveling in a group with 12 plus people, the best option would be to keep everyone together. A van ensures sufficient space for passengers to spread out.

Wondering whether a big van rental is right for you? If you plan to have more than 12 people in your group, it’s your best option to keep everyone together. A 15-passenger van gives everyone space to spread out. Touring around as a group becomes easier while traveling in a large van:

  • Perfect for road trips when traveling with kids
  • Provides enough space to keep the group/passengers together
  • Comfortable seating and interiors
  • Cargo space for excess baggage
  • Economical

How to search for California Van Rentals?

Blessed with the perfect geological landscape, sandy beaches, snowcapped mountain peaks, a variety of climates, California is a dream destination for not only world travelers but also the US natives. The warm tropical beaches attract sun-loving trippers to the state of California. L.A with its stylish suburbs of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, attracts shoppers, whereas the scenic charm of SFO makes everyone’s’ favorite spot. The beauty of the rugged coastline at Big Sur, the adventure of Universal Studios at L.A, the alpine grandeur of Yosemite Valley, makes California a desirable tourist spot for one and all.

To visit all these places, you sure do need a vehicle and if you are traveling in groups, a 15-passenger van is the best choice. Lax Van Rentals based out of Los Angeles is known for providing the best van rental services in California.

What makes Lax Van Rentals, the best California Van Rentals?

Fleet Variety

They have a wide variety of fleet ranging from 5 passenger cars to 15 passenger van. They offer a variety so that you can choose the best option for your needs. With Lax Van Rentals, you can rent a vehicle easily to match your mobility needs. They both automatic and stick shift cars.


Vacationers can take advantage of economical affordable rates for rental services. Not just that, Lax Van Rentals offer various promotional offers,

  • 5% off their rental for Repeated customers
  • 5% off their rental for AAA Members
  • Tax Exemptions for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Monthly special discounts

Supports all form of payment methods

Renters can pay in cash, via plastic cards, or travel checks. Lax Van Rentals supports all forms of payment methods.

Also, with Lax Van and car rentals, you can drive the rented vehicle to neighboring states of Arizona and Nevada.